Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What is the status KDU PAC is currently holding?

We are a Platinum ACCA Approved Learning Provider for 7 years consecutively this year.

Why KDU?
With ACCA programme’s nature of being exam oriented, we are adamant that it is equally important to be competent in soft skills and ace the examinations. KDU’s ACCA graduates will not only have a strong suit of technical knowledge but also excellent teamwork, communication and problem solving skills making them top-notch candidates to excel and succeed in their career

What are KDU PAC’s unique features?
         a)  We provide opportunity for student’s who are unsuccessful in exams to retake classes for free

         b)  Offers a soft skills embedded course design
         c)  Additional accounting software training for free (SQL Accounting)

Which of the KDU campus offers ACCA and CAT programmes?
KDU College at Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya (next to LDP highway) is the only campus that offering the ACCA and CAT programme.

Both the programme are offered under Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC).

How to get to KDU College, Damansara Jaya campus by public transport ?
The full address for KDU College is SS 22/41, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya.

You can reach KDU College
via the public transport listed below:-
           1.  From LRT Taman Bahagia:-      Rapid KL – T784     OR     PJ Free Bus – PJ05
           2.  From MRT TTDI:-                        Feeder Bus – T813
All the bus above will stop at the bus stop next to KDU College.

When are the intakes for ACCA and CAT programmes?
CAT programme:     January, March & July

ACCA programme:  January & July

How to register for the CAT or ACCA programme at KDU College?
You may register at the Professional Accountancy Centre, located at 2nd Floor, KDU College, Damansara Jaya campus during the office hours stated below:

Monday to Friday:        9.30am to 5.30pm
Saturday to Sunday:    10am to 3pm
Close on Public Holiday

May I do online registration for the ACCA and CAT programme?
There is no online platform for the registration but you may do registration via email. Please refer to the steps below:-

Registration via email (Existing KDU Students)
Step 1:   Email your Full Name and subjects to be enrolled.

Step 2:   PAC will email you the correct fee payable together with the timetable and enrollment forms.
Step 3:   Email PAC the filled enrollment forms and bank transfer slip;
Step 4:   Collect the Official Receipt during the 1st day of class and make payment for the material fee.

Registration via email (New Students) 
Step 1:   Email  the following documents:

               a)  SPM cert and all Foundation / Diploma / Degree transcripts and graduation certificates (in English).
               b)  Identity Card
Step 2:  PAC will email you the correct fee payable together with timetable and the following forms:
               a)  Student Application From;
               b)  ACCA or CAT Enrollment Form;
               c)  Bursary Policy
Step 3:   Email PAC the all the above filled enrollment forms and bank transfer slip;
Step 4:   Collect the Official Receipt during the 1st day of class and make payment for the material fee.

How do international students register for the ACCA and CAT programme at KDU College?
Step 1:   Email  the following documents to assess the qualification:

               a)  All academic qualifications such as Foundation / Diploma / Degree transcripts and graduation certificates (in English).
               b)  A copy of the Passport Personal Details page
Step 2:   PAC will reply within 5 working days to confirm if the application meets KDU-PAC’s entry requirement and advise the applicant the                  fee to pay and the correct semester to enroll into.
                Deadline to enroll for January intake:   30th October (previous year)
                Deadline to enroll for July intake:          30th April

Does KDU College provide accommodation?
KDU College at Damansara Jaya does not provide accommodation.

Local students may choose to stay at the accommodation provided by KDU University College at Shah Alam (Free shuttle services are provided) or rent a room nearby the college by making booking through    or
International students who pursue courses at KDU College are required to stay at the accommodation provided by KDU University College at Shah Alam. Free shuttle services are provided.

What can I do to be eligible for the retake 100% tuition fee waiver?
This discount is only applicable for existing KDU ACCA student & have have enrolled for classes for the exam sitting that student has failed.

Criteria to meet the 100% tuition fee waiver is as follows:-
           a)  Achieved attendance rate throughout the semester of 80% and above;
           b)  Achieved a score of 40%and above for all Progress Tests and Mock Exams;
           c)  Attended the Career Development Programmes held during the semester.

What if I stopped studying ACCA for more than one year?
Your first step is to ensure your account has not been suspended by ACCA.

For enrolment of classes in KDU, the student who have been inactive for more than TWO semesters will have to re-register with KDU.

If I am inactive in KDU for more than TWO semesters are there any additional charges?
Students who are inactive for more than two semesters will be subject to re-registration fee of RM 300 (Full Time) or RM 100 (Part Time).

How do I re-register with KDU?
Step 1: Complete the following forms:-

              a)  KDU Application Form
              b)  KDU CAT/ ACCA Enrolment Form
              c)  KDU Bursary Policy
Step 2: Submit ALL your academic qualifications and a copy of your IC (back &   front).
Step 3: Visit PAC office (Level 2) or drop an email to for registration and to obtain the total fees payable.

Can I apply for PTPTN for the CAT / ACCA Programme in KDU?
No. The PTPTN loan is not applicable for the CAT / ACCA programme in KDU.

Can I make a EPF claim for my ACCA tuition fees?
Yes, you may request a certified letter for KDU to assist with your EPF claim.

What are the scholarships that I can apply for?
KDU PAC offers a number of scholarships and tuition fee waivers.
Further details about scholarships can be found at 

Accredited HRDF modules

HRDF-registered employers are entitled to apply for funding under the SBL-Scheme, to attend the accredited modules listed below:-

     a)  Accountant in Business                             b) Management Accounting                 c) Financial Accounting
     d)  Corporate and Business Law                    f)  Performance Management              g) Taxation
     h)  Financial Reporting                                     i)  Audit and Assurance                          j)  Financial Management
     k)  Strategic Business Leader                         l)  Strategic Business Reporting          m) Advanced Financial Management
     n)  Advanced Performance Management    o) Advanced Taxation                             p) Advanced Audit and Assurance   

How do I get in touch with KDU PAC?
You may contact us at 03-7722 3598 / 3528.
Alternatively, you can drop us an email at

What are KDU PAC’s official social media?
Look out for our latest promotions, updates and information on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube page.

Follow our social media :-
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Updated 03/01/2019