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Jeffrey Chew FCCA, group CEO at Paramount and ACCA Malaysia Advocate of the Year 2018, explains that giving back to the profession is what drives him

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Accounting is the universal language used in all business practices, and accountancy has been regarded as a professional and stable career, building business leaders that help shape economies. If you are interested in pursuing a qualification which allows you to join the financial or business world or to be a professional accountant, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) would be your ideal pathway.

Founded in 1904, ACCA holds a track record of experience, innovation, and excellence in providing globally-recognised accounting and finance qualifications, complemented by modern thinking and backed by diverse and global memberships. ACCA is the world’s leading body for professional accountants with 208,000 members and 503,000 students in 179 countries worldwide. ACCA also works with over 7,400 Approved Employers and over 80 accountancy partnerships around the world

Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) at KDU College, which was set up in 2008, offers Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) and ACCA courses.  Within a year, it was granted a Gold status, and currently, the programme is towards the seventh year of being awarded Platinum status Approved Learning Partner by ACCA.

CAT qualification is designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and technical skills to fulfill an accounting role at the technician level. It provides you with a fast track pathway towards becoming a qualified accountant and globally recognised by ACCA.

KDU PAC has managed to steer their students to brilliant results and becoming a CAT World Prize Winner, which is an award given to the students who achieve top marks in the world. “I tell myself that what others can achieve, I can achieve too! Never tell myself it is impossible. Never try never know,” said Tan Yue Jian, CAT MA1 World Prize Winner. Most of the students who undergo the programme are able to complete their CAT within a year and pursue the ACCA programme for two years.

Another success story besides the World Prize Winner, recently, a team which consists of Nicholas Koon, Lee Vinxi, Lim Shaun Ming and Lim Yuen Ting (KDU-ACCA 2nd year and final year students) achieved becoming the 1st runner up at the 18th N-IVAQ 2019 organised by MMU Melaka on 20th April 2019.

Moving forward with the recent changes to the ACCA qualification, KDU’s ACCA Programme prepare and facilitate students to acquire the full range of competencies financial professionals need, with an emphasis on technical knowledge, cognitive capabilities, and soft skills.

Students are not just limited to classroom lessons but complemented with firm visits, guest lectures by industry leaders as well as additional programmes to aid students in the best way possible to excel in their examination. Our specially designed Employability Enhancement Programmes (EEP) which comprise communication skills enrichment, business simulation programmes, and audit software simulation programmes will allow students to equip themselves with prerequisite skills indispensable to ace their Professional Level studies while also enhancing their employability. In addition, there are also opportunities for students to attend FREE accounting software training.

“With the ACCA programme’s nature of being exam oriented, we are adamant that it is equally important to be competent in soft skills and ace the examinations. With the EEP, KDU’s ACCA graduates will not only have a strong suit of technical knowledge but also excellent teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills making them top-notch candidates to excel and succeed in their career,” said Chan Tze Kang, KDU’s PAC Academic Department Head.

PAC students are encouraged to join the PAC Club to learn more about leadership, planning, facilitating and managing events or activities. This helps to not only build rapport and camaraderie among the students but also equip them with skills to be better prepared to join the workforce.

Scholarships are available for school leavers of SPM/“O” Level and STPM/”A” Level/UEC holders for July 2019 semester. Application deadline for the scholarship is 23rd June 2019.

Early Bird Discount up to 20% for ACCA and 10% for CAT is available until 23rd June 2019.

For more information on the scholarship, please visit the web page ; contact us @ 03 -7722 3528 / 03 – 7953 6673 or WhatsApp @ 018–872 4298.

Visit KDU PAC’s website to read more about what PAC Alumni’s have to say about their experience studying the CAT & ACCA programme in KDU and for more exciting upcoming events.

Established in 1983, KDU believes in providing real-world education to meet real-world needs, and has traditionally, been successful in producing competent graduates and preparing students for top universities all over the world.

Part of the Paramount Education Group, a fully-integrated education services provider for primary, secondary, tertiary and postgraduate level studies as well as executive and professional development programmes, KDU has produced more than 50,000 graduates across the world, many who have gone on to enjoy their rewarding careers and successful lives in their own right.

To find out how you can hit the ground running with KDU-PAC, please contact: 03-7953 6673/ 6670 or visit KDU-PAC’s website:

From Left to Right: Lim Yuen Ting, Lim Shaun Ming, Lee Vinxi and Nicholas Koon (KDU-ACCA 2nd year and final year students) won the 1st runner up at the 18th N-IVAQ 2019 organised by MMU Melaka on 20th April 2019.
Say “NO” to Corruption! Firm Visit to visited Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) on 15th April 2019.
“Practise makes Perfect!” said Tan Yuen Jian, CAT MA1 World Prize Winner!

特许公认会计师课程(ACCA)– 打开大门通往国际商界的专业资格
在伯乐学院(KDU College)考取ACCA





KDU PAC成功引导学生取得辉煌成绩并成为世界奖得主, 这是给予世界上最高分的学生的奖励。“我告诉自己其他人可以做到的,我也可以实现!永远不要告诉自己这是不可能的。若不尝试,就永远都不会知道结果。“陈友健, MA1世界奖得主说到。

不仅于世界奖,于4月20日,由由龚浩成,李詠詩,林颂铭和林芫葶组成的团队(KDU-ACCA 第二和第三年的学生),在马六甲MMU大学主办的全国大学会计比赛(N-IVAQ)中,勇夺亚军。

CAT专业课程旨在为学生提供基本知识和技能,以在技师级别上履行会计角色。它为您提供了成为合格会计师的快速通道。它是由ACCA所授予,并获国际承认。大多数的学生都能够在一年内完成CAT ,并继续报读为期两年的ACCA课程。

除此之外,ACCA与牛津布鲁克斯大学(Oxford Brookes University, UK)的独特合作伙伴关系,能够让报读的学生在完成ACCA基础水平、ACCA职业道德和职业技能单元以及通过一个研究和分析专案计划后,继续考取一个应用会计(荣誉)理学士学位。






KDU为大马教育文凭SPM / O’Level 和 大马教育高级文凭STPM /A’Level / UEC独中统考的毕业生提供2019年7月份学期的奖学金 。奖学金申请截止日期为2019年6月23日。


欲知更多奖学金的详情,请浏览 或拨电至03 -7722 3528/03 – 7953 6673或WhatsApp至018-872 4298。

浏览KDU PAC的网站,以了解更多有关PAC校友对他们学习ACCA和CAT的心得分享,并获取即将到来又令人振奋的活动资讯。

关于伯乐学院 (KDU College)

成立于1983年,伯乐学院(KDU College)坚信提供实际教育,以满足现实世界所需,并在传统上,一直成功栽培优秀的毕业生,以进入世界各地的顶尖大学。

伯乐学院是百乐园教育集团(Paramount Education Group)旗下成员,该集团是一个完全整合的教育服务提供商,不仅兴办小学、中学、高等教育及硕士生研究,也提供行政和专业发展课程。伯乐学院已在全球培育超过5万名毕业生,当中许多人已凭借自己的权利继续地享受有价值的事业和成功的生活。

想要了解您能如何马上行动,并与伯乐学院的专业会计中心(KDU-PAC)联系,请拨打电话:03-7953 6673/6670 或游览 KDU-PAC 网站。

(右起)龚浩成,李詠詩,林颂铭和林芫葶组成的团队, 在马六甲MMU大学主办的全国大学会计比赛(N-IVAQ)中,勇夺亚军。
由KDU-PAC俱乐部委员会举办的活动 – 参访马来西亚反贪污局总部 – 拒绝贪污, 向贪污说: “不!”
永远不要告诉自己这是不可能的。若不尝试,就永远都不会知道结果。“陈友健, MA1世界奖得主说到。

KDU was being awarded of ACCA Platinum
Approved Learning Partner on 24/4/2013

  KDU partners with ACCA for new course

  • The Star Online – NATION
  • Thursday, 25 Apr 2013 12:00 AM MYT
  PETALING JAYA: Aspiring accountants can soon obtain their Association of Chartered Certified Accountants    (ACCA) accreditation while studying for their degree at the same time – through a partnership between the group and KDU University College.

Both parties inked a memorandum of understanding here yesterday, paving the way for a new three-year programme at KDU in which students can take up conditional exemption papers for the ACCA qualification in    the final year of their Bachelor of Accounting degree studies.

ACCA chief executive Helen Brand said the programme was the first of its kind in Malaysia.

“The unique aspect of it is the embedding of the ACCA syllabus into the degree programme. This will allow students to finish with a degree and ACCA qualification well ahead of others,” said Brand.

The award, Brand said, was the highest level of approval for global higher education institutes under ACCA’s      ALP programme and had only been given to five other universities in Malaysia.

“To be considered for the platinum level, they must meet targets relating to the way the institution is run and how the ACCA courses are delivered,” said Prof Khong.

“A platinum-approved ALP must also consistently meet ACCA’s pass rate target.”

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