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Current Event - 2023


Past Events


UOW Malaysia Convocation 2023

Integrity Talk: “Rukun Agama Bukan Dua Je! by Yayasan Peneraju

PAC Award Day 2023

Volunteers for ShYFT Gives Back Selangor

Anti-Drugs Awareness & Prevention Seminar

KPMG Firm Visit 

Financial Management Workshop at SMJK Chan Wa

Love Yourself Campaign 

Career Development Programme with YYC Group

Yayasan Peneraju Professional Accounting Iftar 2023

It’s All About Taxes with KPMG Malaysia 

A Day with BDO Malaysia  

Campus Breakout  Feb 2023

Valentine’s Secret Cupid 2023  (Organized by PAC Club)


2022 UOW Malaysia Convocation

Sharing + Interview Session with KPMG Malaysia

Exclusive Sharing Session with ACCA 

PAC Club October Bonding Session

Career Development Programme (CDP) – Spend it Right 

Campus Breakout Sept 2022

PAC Awards Day! 

Firm Visit to PwC Malaysia (Organized by PAC Club) 

June 2022 Bonding Session 

Alumni Sharing Session with Miss Filzah Razak and Miss Shiau Zhen

Guest Lecture from Ancom Crop Care – Key to Strengthening Your Career Progression

Guest Lecture from EY Malaysia – Transformation in Roles & Competencies of a Professional Accountant During the Pandemic 

Words of Advice from Nurul Shazwani Osman (Dec 2021 Exam Sitting) 

Words of Advice from Martin Owen Lai (Dec 2021 Exam Sitting) 

Words of Advice from Nurul Izzati Misran (Dec 2021 Exam Sitting) 

Words of Advice from Noor Syafina Abd Wahab (Dec 2021 Exam Sitting) 

Words of Advice from Chee Fei Yin – FR World Prize Winner (Dec 2021 Exam Sitting)

Words of Advice from Dinesh Mahendran (Sep 2021 Exam Sitting) 


PAC Club’s Annual General Meeting

Words of Advice from Nur Husnina – ACCA Affiliate (Sep 2021)

Words of Advice from Khoo Jia En – ACCA Affiliate (Sep 2021)

Words of Advice from Nurul Amaani – ACCA Affiliate (Sep 2021)

Words of Advice from Pavitraa Nantha Kumar – ACCA Affiliate (Sep 2021)

Words of Advice from Fatin Nabiha – ACCA Affiliate (Sep 2021)

Words of Advice from Chong Yee Seng – FA2 & MA2 World Prize Winner (Sep 2021)

Words of Advice from Filzah Binti Razak – APM Malaysian Prize Winner (Sep 2021)

Sharing Session With EY (Organized by PAC Club)

Guest Lecture from BDO Malaysia – Interest Rate & Foreign Currency Risk Management and Disclosures

General Knowledge Quiz X Business Challenge (Organized by PAC Club)

Guest Lecture from BDO Malaysia – First Get Noticed, Then Get Hired 


Guest lecture from Baker Tilly – Transfer Pricing and Tax Planning

Guest lecture from BDO Malaysia – IFRS 16 & Impact of Cryptocurrency on Application of IAS 38 and IFRS 9


UOW Malaysia KDU Convocation – Class of 2019

KDU’s Ball 2019 @ Majestic Hotel

KDU’s Got Talent Season 4

Firm Visit to PWC and BDO Malaysia

ACCA Top Achievers Ceremony

Words of Advice from Tan Yue Jian – CAT MA1 World Prizewinner

Words of Advice from Soong Mei Yi – ACCA Affiliate December 2018

18th National Inter-varsity Accounting Quiz (N-IVAQ) MMU – 20190420

Firm visit to MACC – 20190412

Guest lecture from BDO Malaysia – IFRS 13: Fair Value Measurement & Roles and Development of Conceptual Framework

Deloitte Meets KDU

Guest lecture from Baker Tilly – Withholding Tax & Practical aspects of tax evasion and tax avoidance



KDU Convocation – Class of 2018

Words of Advice from Khoo Jia En – CAT MA1 & MA2 Malaysia 1st World 2nd

Charity Concert – KDU’s Got Talent Season 3

Guest Lecture from Ernst & Young – IFRS 15 & 16

KDU PAC Award Day 2018

Firm Visit 21st August 2018 – Baker Tilly & Bursa Malaysia

PAC Empowerment Camp 2018
–  Day 1 – Photos link
–  Day 2 – Photos link
–  Day 3 – Photos link
–  Video link

Effective CV Writing and Interview Skills  Workshop – by Deloitte Malaysia

Firm Visit 3rd May 2018 – LHDN and Bank Negara

KDU-PAC 10th Anniversary Video

An Interview with ACCA Affiliates (Mandarin version)

Volunteer Work at Zoo Negara

CNY 2018 cum 6th year of Platinum Status Approved Learning Partners Celebration



ACCA Counsellor Engagement

The Annual Grand Ball – Midnight in Paris

KDU’s Got Talent Seasons 2

PAC Camp 2017

Academic Briefing & MyPAC Orientation 2017

Malaysian Students Accounting Convention (MASC) 2017

Career Development Program 1 – Corporate Tax Planning

Career Development Program 2 – Forex & Interest Rate Risk Management



Study Hub Event 2.0

OBU Graduation 

Annual General Meeting 2016

Deloitte Tax Challenge 2016

Face to Face Session with BDO


PAC Camp 2016

MyPAC Engagement Session

Academic Briefing (July Intake)

Star Education Fair 2016

Financial know-how for teens

N-IVAQ 2016

A Date with BDO Malaysia

Academic Briefing (March Intake)

Industrial Visit to Crowe Horwath Malaysia

Midvalley (MVEC) Sureworks Education Fair Talks

PAC Charity Drive 4.0 – A Visit To Rumah Hope

Malaysian Accounting Students Convention – MASC 2016

Academic Briefing (January Intake)



Excellence Award Day

Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP)

AXP Audit Workshop

Deloitte Tax Challenge

Team Building @ Outbac Broga

Firm Visit Bursa Malaysia and BDO Malaysia

Academic Briefing

Charity Event

N-IVAQ 2015

PER Briefing – Practical Experience Requirement

Orientation Day (January Intake)



Prom Night – Colours

Dare 2 Dream! (20 kids from Siddhartan Care Centre to Kidzania)

Team Building @ Skytrex Adventure

Firm Visit to Bank Negara Malaysia and Great Eastern

Career Talk by Paramount Corporation Berhad

Malaysian Accounting Students Convention – 2014



Prom Night – The Masquerade

KDU-PAC Awards Ceremony 2013

KDU Academic Convocation 2013

Team Building @ Skytrek Adventure

Malaysian Accounting Students Convention – 2013

KDU was being awarded the Platinum Approved Learning Provider

Charity event for Siddhartan Care Centre



KDU-PAC Annual Dinner cum Awards Night

KDU Graduation Ceremony 2012

Visit AXA Affin Life Insurance Bhd

Visit to Deloitte

Team Building



CAT & ACCA Awards Ceremony

Visit to PwC

Visit to KPMG

PAC Club Accounting Quiz

L’mour Paris Prom Night



Broga Leadership Camp

Hollywood Glamour Prom Night



Visit to KPMG