ACCA Online Course

100% Pre-recorded Online Course

Maximum flexibility – specially curated for those who wish to study at their own pace!

two types of courses

Revision Course: consists of of key areas of the syllabus with exam tips & techniques.

Full Course: covers the full syllabus + the revision course.


There is no fixed schedule! Study anywhere, anytime & at your own pace. A lesson plan will be provided as a study guide.

Access to videos

Students will have unlimited access to the videos until the exam sitting registered for with us. No deferment/extension is allowed.

lecturer guidance

We will add you into a WhatsApp group with the lecturer and fellow course mates for ease of communication & discussion.

exam preparation

The revision course includes two mock exams.

The full course includes two progress tests & mock exams.

study materials

Students will receive the softcopy & hardcopy materials (notes).

**BPP Books are only available for the Applied Knowledge papers.


Students will only be paying for the tuition fee! No registration, deposit, resource etc. fee is required.

**The fees does not include any charges payable directly to ACCA UK.