Frequently Asked Questions

When are the intakes for the ACCA FIA & ACCA programs?

ACCA FIA program: January, May & July
ACCA program: January & July

Registration for the ACCA Online Course is based on the exam sitting, not intake. Students are free to register for the course until 1 month before the respective exam sitting.

Which UOW Malaysia campus offers the ACCA FIA & ACCA programs?

These programs are only offered in the Glenmarie, Shah Alam campus.

What is UOW Malaysia’s ACCA Approved Learning Partner (ALP) status?

We have been awarded the Platinum ALP status since the year 2013.

Is UOW Malaysia an ACCA licensed exam centre? 

Yes, we are!

Are there any shuttle services provided to/from the nearest LRT station?

Yes! The nearest LRT Station to our campus is the CGC Glenmarie station. Click here for the shuttle schedule.

What type of study modes do you have?

ACCA FIA program: Full-time physical classes
ACCA program: Full & part-time physical classes + online course (pre-recorded).

**ACCA part-time is only available for certain Professional level papers.

What is the registration process?

Firstly, please send us your academic transcripts via WhatsApp or Email so that we may check your eligibility for the course. After that, we will advise you on any applicable scholarships/discounts and proceed with the registration accordingly. The registration can be done virtually or by walk-in.

For the ACCA Online Course, you may directly register through the links provided here.

International Students
As the visa approval process will take up to 3 months, please take note of the registration deadlines below:-

January intake: 30th September (previous year)
July intake: 30th April

There are currently no scholarships available for International students.

I would like to visit your campus. What are your office hours?

Kindly WhatsApp or give us a call to make an appointment before dropping by.

Monday to Friday: 10.00am to 4.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am to 2.00pm
Close on Sundays & Public Holidays

May I apply for PTPTN for the ACCA FIA / ACCA Program in UOW Malaysia?

The PTPTN loan is not applicable for professional courses such as ACCA FIA & ACCA

May I claim my ACCA tuition fees from EPF?

Yes, you may. Please reach out to us for the necessary documents to assist with your claim.

**EPF claim is not applicable for the ACCA FIA course.

What will happen if I decide to take a break from studying?

Your UOW Malaysia student status will turn inactive if there are more than two semesters of inactivity. To reactivate it, you would have to pay a re-registration fee and possibly the deposit fee again.

If you do not pay the ACCA annual subscription fee, your myACCA account might be suspended. You would have to contact ACCA and pay a re-registration fee as well.

Do you provide accommodation?

Yes, we do. Please refer here for more information.